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Germany is an important international trading partner to Russia. Difficult economic conditions and the political crisis in the Ukraine conflict, however, have recently held back trade. The weak economy, the fall in the price of oil, the depreciation of the Russian rouble, the outflow of capital and also reciprocal sanctions have strongly clouded the investment climate and resulted in uncertainty.
Due to its size and the need for modernisation, the Russian market nevertheless remains attractive for companies. German products and technology are as popular as ever. In addition to a number of standard points, a successful business operation in Russia requires solutions including compliance with sanctions and import regulations, questions of trade financing and currency hedging and also opportunities and challenges through import substitution and localisation.
Rödl & Partner provides consulting services for these and other issues in the Russian Federation from the locations of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Approximately 200 multi lingual Russian and German professionals work at these locations in teams to offer comprehensive consulting services for legal, tax, financial accounting and audit questions.

Our interdisciplinary co-operation and knowledge of the respective prevailing local requirements enables us to provide effective support for our clients on the Russian market. In this process we draw on our international expertise and a uniform quality standard. We are familiar with the special requirements and opportunities of the Russian market due to our many years of experience providing consulting services at a local level.


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