Decree no. 274 issued by the president of the Russian Federation on 18 April 2020


published on 24 April 2020 | reading time approx. 2,5 minutes


On temporary measures to regulate the legal status of nationals of other states and stateless persons in the Russian Federation in the context of the risk of further Covid-19 spread.




Until when will these special rules apply?

These special rules concerning foreigners in Russia are to apply up to 15 June 2020. All deadlines and terms relevant to foreigners/migration law are postponed or suspended until that date. The stay of those who have entered Russia lawfully will be deemed authorised - or at least tolerated.

What happens if a foreigner has been lawfully residing in Russia and their period of residence has expired?

During the period between 15 March and up to 15 June 2020 inclusive, no decisions will be made against foreigners and stateless persons regarding undesirability of their stay (residence) in or administrative expulsion from the Russian Federation, or their deportation or transfer to any other state under an international repatriation agreement whereof the Russian Federation is a party.
Migrant workers whose stay was lawful as of 15 March of this year may remain in the Russian Federation and continue engaging in the activities associated with their employment up to 15 June.
Their length of stay will not be taken into account for the duration of the above-mentioned period.
In accordance with the Presidential Decree, no decisions obligating foreigners to leave the Russian Federation will be made before 15 June.

What happens with the foreigner registration at their place of stay?

If the foreigner has already been registered at their place of stay and this registration expires during the period between 15 March and 15 June, they may apply for an extension of their registration after 15 June 2020.

If the foreigner enjoys the status of a highly qualified professional (HQP) and is under an obligation to register during the above-mentioned period because they will have stayed in Russia longer than 90 days, this obligation to register will also emerge only after 15 June 2020.

Will any visas, residence permits or state program participant certificates issued at an earlier date be cancelled?

The validity term of Russian visas held by foreigners is extended until 15 June 2020. Extension of visas, issuance of transit visas for exit to permanent residence, etc. will take place between the day on which migration authorities start accepting the documents and 15 June.

What happens if one stays outside Russia longer than six months?

No residence permits held by foreigners (including HQPs) or residence entitlements held by stateless persons covered by a state program will be cancelled or withdrawn if the person concerned has stayed abroad longer than 6 months. However, this only applies where the 6-month period of stay abroad is exceeded during the period between 15 March and 15 June 2020.

Until 15 June, no foreigners will be withdrawn their refugee status or temporary asylum.

Thus, any sanctions for violation of migration law regulations may only be applied beginning on 16 June 2020 and onwards.

Will the expired documents remain valid?

Any documents expired during the above-mentioned period (such as visas, temporary residence permits, permanent residence permits, migration cards with the note showing the expiry date, refugee ID cards, certificates confirming acceptance for consideration of the bearer’s application for asylum in the Russian Federation, certificates confirming the grant of provisional asylum in the Russian Federation, state program participant certificates, work permits, patents, authorisations for hire and employment of foreigners) are deemed valid up to 15 June 2020 inclusive.

Are employers allowed to employ foreigners not holding a valid work permit?

During the period between 15 March and 15 June of this year, employers who are in compliance with the applicable sanitary and epidemiological requirements are allowed to employ migrants not holding a work permit. This applies to foreigners who: (1) have entered Russia with a visa and have not yet obtained a work permit; (2) have entered Russia without a visa and do not hold a special work permit (a so-called "work patent ") required in their case. However, the employer must hold an authorisation to hire and employ foreigners in order to be allowed to hire persons without a work patent.

When does the decree take effect?

The decree takes effect on the day of its signing, i.e. on 18 April 2020.

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