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Registration of Real Estate in Russia: An Overview of the Changes in Q2 of 2021


published on 15 September 2021

Source: Real Estate Monitor, Autumn 2021, Association of European Businesses


Most of the provisions of Federal Legal Act no. 120-FZ of 30 April 2021 (“Act no. 120-FZ”, “Legal Act”) took effect on 30 April 2021; among other things, this Legal Act amended the legal rules for state registration of immovable property. Many novelties concerned the procedure for the rendering of electronic services regarding real estate, provision of information from the Unified State Register of Real Estate (“EGRN”), etc.



Firstly, Act no. 120-FZ expanded the list of valid reasons for state cadastral registration and/or state registration of rights. In particular, this list now includes decisions of arbitration courts under which writs of execution have been issued, together with such writs of execution, an approved area layout plan produced as a deliverable of cadastral survey work, a technical plan and an inspection report (in case of discontinuation of real estate rights or due to discontinuation of the real estate concerned). The Legal Act introduced one more situation where cadastral registration may take place without state registration: This is the situation where the rights holder has chosen a certain permitted type of use of their real estate.
Moreover, Act no. 120-FZ has expanded the list of persons who may apply for simultaneous cadastral registration and state registration of real estate. This list now includes persons using land under an easement or under some other right that does not establish an easement; heirs of the owner of destroyed real estate; possessors of land granted to them for inheritable life-long or permanent (perpetual) use; and notaries. The Legal Act imposes certain conditions for cadastral registration and state registration on the application from each of these categories of persons.
Moreover, the Legal Act regulates state registration of the transfer of the title to real estate in situations where the selling entity has been liquidated or de-registered from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (“EGRUL”). Under the new rules, the buyer is required in such situations to submit the application for registration together with an EGRUL extract confirming de-registration of that legal entity and documents confirming proper discharge by the parties of their obligations to pay the contract price in full and to transfer the real estate.


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