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The importance of value added tax (VAT) has increased significantly due to its scope and the regular burden for companies when it is incorrectly assessed. VAT is a focal point for employees who have to correctly record VAT figures on a daily basis for the purpose of financial accounting and reporting and is also a focal point for the fiscal authorities in Germany and other countries.
Due to the increasing complexity of the facts and legal requirements, small errors which occur in the area of VAT accumulate with every business transaction and ultimately lead to a high impact on tax and result in interest risks. In practice, it is frequently not possible to reverse VAT for past deliveries and services and it cannot be subsequently requested from the customer.

Value added tax at Rödl & Partner

Our consulting field for VAT services (for Germany and international locations) is managed and co-ordinated by the Munich office.
We support companies with all questions relating to VAT law and cross-border VAT law, in particular, for example, for supply chain management, risk and compliance management in the area of VAT, for M&A matters or real estate transactions with reference to VAT in contracts, intragroup allocations and charging on of costs or VAT checks as a voluntary audit in the company by an experienced audit team to anticipate an external tax audit or special VAT audit with special scope and content.
For cross-border issues and questions relating to VAT and excise legislation in other countries, experienced colleagues at Rödl & Partner available all around the world regularly exchange information within our international VAT practice group.
We have a practical consulting approach oriented to the respective sector which depending on the requirements and wishes of our clients can include expert reports with recommendations for action, guidelines or manuals for the support of work and organisational instructions and in house training. 

Our consulting services in particular include:

        • Consulting for all questions relating to VAT law
        • Assistance for special subjects (e.g. third party business and triangular transactions, consignment / commission stock, assembly work in other countries, turnover bonuses, restructuring, input tax distribution and improvement of the input tax code, import VAT and implications for the customs regulations)
        • Design consulting for the structure of  business processes and review of the representation of the VAT in the ERP system and the tax code established for business transactions to minimise VAT reporting obligations and the administrative burden
        • Support for the new establishment or renewal of systems for the input of electronic invoices or data for the correct generation of invoices and VAT notifications
        • Consulting and preparation of VAT notifications in Germany, e.g. VAT returns, advance VAT returns, recapitulative statements or intrastat reports
        • Consulting for questions relating to VAT in countries outside Germany with local support from our colleagues
        • Consulting and support when VAT notifications are required in the other country also in relation to permanent establishments and VAT registrations
        • Consulting, support and representation in VAT disputes involving the fiscal authorities and especially external tax audits, special VAT audits, review of VAT, opposition proceedings, requests for information
        • Representation before fiscal courts in connection with disputes


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Dr. Heidi Friedrich-Vache

Certified Tax Consultant (Germany), VAT Services


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