Assistance with payment difficulties to the tax authorities


The non-payment of imposed retrospective tax payments will lead to trouble with the tax authority. Opposition or objection to a tax assessment does not remove the obligation to make the payment within the set time period. This is even true if the tax assessment is incorrect.
The authorities often then introduce enforcement measures after a short period of time and freeze bank accounts to support their claim. What is to be done if you cannot make the payment to the tax authority in time?
You need a trustworthy partner at your side. You can rely on our extensive experience. We will assist you in these difficult circumstances. Our experts will negotiate with the tax authority and your banks and in consultation with you endeavour to find a solution. We will support you with attempts to postpone payment of the retrospective tax payments, to pay in instalments or in certain cases to suspend payment until a decision is made by an administrative act.


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Prof. Dr. Peter Bömelburg

Certified Public Auditor (Germany), Certified Tax Consultant (Germany)

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