Financial accounting

The management of financial accounting and its associated administrative work is often seen as a necessary evil. Yet it is essential for the success of your company.
In order to control your company you need up-to-date data and performance indicators which are easily understood to enable you to act clearly and make the right decisions. In consultation with you we develop specialised analyses and reports.
We are happy to manage your financial accounting. Here we adapt to your wishes and needs, regardless of whether you give us your monthly documents in a shoe box or whether your financial accounting department is already completely digitalised or whether you would prefer a mixed solution. Naturally we also manage your financial accounting in the English language.
The management of payment transactions is also integrated in the financial and payroll accounting department. You can also entrust us with the management of your payment transactions.
We are present in the world at your international locations and can provide an administrative infrastructure with all of the associated services. This allows you to control your company from your headquarters and have a team of experts at the international location with special local knowledge who also speak your language. More »
In a personal meeting we draw up a financial accounting concept which fits in with you and your company. Here we place special emphasis on efficient processes and the timely preparation of your financial accounting. You can benefit from our experience.


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