Questions regarding income tax and social security


Motivate employees and reduce personnel costs

Normal salary increases are often unsatisfactory for employers and employees. Invisible incidental wage costs increase personnel expenses and only marginally increase the net income for the employee.
However, there are measures which can reduce or completely avoid the tax and social security contributions which are due with salary increases or one-time payments. Consequently, you can arrange for your employees to have considerably higher net salaries without additional costs. 
In this context everybody is talking about much more than just the motivating element of an “iPad from the employer”. Pre-school child care allowances, goods vouchers and recreation allowances also count as salary components which are not necessarily subject to tax or which may offer some tax relief.
Company pension schemes are meanwhile a decisive criterion for the choice of the employer. The legislator also allows some flexibility here to provide employee incentives.
If there is an audit, the non-observance of numerous pitfalls in the area of income tax and social security law can have unpleasant consequences.
We will guide you firmly through this labyrinth of regulations and in consultation with you elaborate an individual concept to mitigate tax, which will provide your employees with a higher net income from their gross salary, reduce your incidental wage costs and allow you to face the auditor with a clear conscience.


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