Capital market-oriented companies


The EU law to reform the regulations governing the audit of financial statements has truly revolutionised the general conditions for consulting services and audit of capital market-oriented companies. The obligation of rotation and the prohibition of certain consulting services in connection with a cap on professional fees for all services which are not part of the audit are only two examples which will have considerable repercussions and lead to significant changes.
In connection with other current challenges such as digitalisation and sustainability you as a capital market-oriented company now need a dynamic partner more than ever to support you. Particularly at the present time our clients appreciate our interdisciplinary business model  and our independent internationality.


Are you looking for a partner who perfectly reflects your international orientation?

As the only German professional services firm, we at Rödl & Partner do not organise our internationality with the aid of networks, but instead with more than 100 wholly-owned offices around the world. We are THE German desk with profound expertise in the provision of international consulting and auditing services for subsidiaries of capital market-oriented companies.


Do you expect your partner to keep pace with the increasing level of digitalisation?

Digitalisation and innovation are key areas for us and as hardly any other professional services firm we are investing in our own digital agenda. In this process our "Rödl Private Cloud" serves as a secure solution for modern collaboration. We personally address your requirements and expectations and are perfectly set up to support you.


Are you looking for an agile partner who anticipates developments and advises you proactively?

The problem areas are constantly becoming more complex and include issues relating to accounting, auditing, legal and tax matters as well as adequate representation using IT infrastructure. This is our interdisciplinary trump card and a clear advantage for our clients. We combine our expertise and experience to provide support for capital market-oriented companies in our "Capital Markets Group". In addition, we guarantee worldwide support with uniform quality standards and a single support partner, your agile caring partner.


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