Legal advisory with international experience

Legal advisory is a core service line of Rödl & Partner. More than 500 internationally experienced attorneys provide legal services for companies in all business matters.

Global legal advisors

The merging of international markets, overcoming of national borders and opening up of new markets presents companies with new challenges on a day-to-day basis. Given the global competition, companies have to seize opportunities in a timely manner after identifying the potential benefits and limiting the risks. The associated legal complexities require a competent partner with international experience and legal advisory with global expertise.

Always the right legal advisory – comprehensive and tailored

Rödl & Partner combines legal, commercial and entrepreneurial expertise to offer legal services across international borders. Our experienced attorneys work in interdisciplinary teams which include tax consultants, management consultants and auditors. We possess the necessary sector expertise to develop individual solution concepts and work around the world to uniform quality standards.
As global legal advisors, we ensure effective personal and comprehensive consulting of internationally active companies by not only the intensive analysis of legal problems, but by developing strategies that guarantee an ideal solution for our clients by way of efficient and pragmatic legal advisory.


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Our contract generator is a time saving and intelligent document management solution for effective and intuitive automation of documents, contract and knowledge management. 
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