Contract generator – automated generation of legal contracts and documentation


Automated generation of documents, in particular contracts

Company personnel have to deal with numerous contracts and other (legal) documents on a daily basis. Our contract generator offers a comprehensive solution for the time-saving creation as well as intelligent management of documents:
  • Effective and intuitive automation of documents
  • Contract management
  • Knowledge management

Efficient drafting process of documents – tailored workflow

Contracts and documents can be individually compiled in a modular system using an intuitive user interface. Prior knowledge is not required. You can use the tool by yourself or alternatively manage the input together with us. In both cases, based on the information entered into the contract generator, individual contracts or other documents are subsequently created – clause for clause – with the click of a mouse using the modular system.

Time saving

The automated generation of documents removes the need to compose them from scratch. The text blocks are automatically inserted from the database into the document with a simple mouse click.


Additional benefits: enhanced quality and risk management – central management

The generation of contracts or documents is made efficiently using the systematic approach of the contract generator. It is therefore possible, for example, especially in the case of changes to the law, to uniformly adjust the corresponding clause in the template database. As a result, all new documents are automatically up-to-date.
As required, it is possible to make modifications to centrally generated documents subject to authorisation, e.g. from the legal department. This procedure enables the definition of a uniform best practice version of the contract for numerous users in the company.
For example, employees in outside sales generate tailor-made contracts within the constraints of previously prepared sample contracts for the respective individual case. This removes the risk of individual solutions without prior approval.


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