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Digitalisation is changing our society and economy in a fundamental way. Data-based business models are opening up enormous entrepreneurial opportunities and also allowing the entry of new, disruptive competitors. Companies can use the Targenio software solution from Rödl & Partner to establish successful digital customer processes.


Digitalisation: interaction with customers and added value 

Digitalisation: interaction with customers and added value
The effects of digitalisation on business models and operational business processes are varied and extensive. The result is a considerable change in the interaction between customers whereby multi-channel, social media and self-service merge added value and communication together and become mutually dependent. Excellent added value requires excellent interaction with the customer which is individual and proactive.

Customers appreciate service

Customers appreciate: 
  • Individual and proactive communication
  • Quick reactions almost in real time
  • Secure and reliable answers
  • Transparent and seamless processes
customer satisfaction
The challenge facing dynamic global organisations is to overcome the barriers of business units and departments, to automate complex service processes within and between companies and to control the growing number and variety of systems and data.

Integration and complementing of existing IT infrastructure

In order to secure operational excellence, business processes are standardized and automated for purchasing and production (supply chain management), orders, logistics and financial accounting (enterprise resource planning), marketing and sales (customer relationship management).
The tasks of customer service consisting of individual communication and interaction with customers are also digitalised with Targenio as a business process.
Integrated solution

CRM and BPM: Targenio combines modules and functions


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A one-stop shop for services

Excellent customer service with Targenio

  • In order to successfully digitalise customer processes, we support our customers to improve business processes according to lean management and service design criteria.
  • We implement and integrate Targenio according to Scrum to allow seamless and transparent co-operation with our clients right from the start.
  • The operation of Targenio is made either at our client or in one of our German computer centres in the private cloud.



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