Corporate Social Responsibility from a legal perspective


The regulatory environment for the sustainability of German and European companies is changing rapidly. Whereas sustainable corporate governance was for many years a matter of voluntary commitment, the legal framework within the EU is now increasingly shifting from "soft law" to legally binding require­ments imposed by the respective legislators. Maintaining an overview in this dynamic environment while meeting the increasing expectations of the markets is a challenge for companies. We support you in achieving this. Our consulting services are practical, tailor-made and from the Rödl & Partner typical one-stop shop.


Corporate social responsibility is becoming increasingly important and already plays a decisive role in the strategic orientation of entrepreneurial activity. The concepts for assuming (additional) social res­ponsibility are as diverse as the companies themselves. Starting with the legally binding framework, which can vary significantly depending on the company's purpose, locations, indus­tries, supplier ser­vices and target markets, through the individual requirements of the company itself, to the expecta­tions that business partners, customers and consumers have of the company, numerous aspects must be taken into account when developing and implementing a successful sustainability strategy. The new German Supply Chain Law is just one element of this process, albeit a very significant one for the highly internationalised German SMEs. The manifoldness can inspire, but also confuse. Take the opportunity to sharpen your entrepreneurial profile with a meaningful concept for corporate social responsibility and set the trends yourself instead of cha­sing them.


Our experts from all areas will support you in realising your aim of creating a sound sustainability concept for your company, while our experienced lawyers will ensure the necessary legal certainty.


Our services in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility include in particular:


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